Street Duel: Underground Racing

Street Duel: Underground Racing 1.07

High-octane racing action in this cool game

REV IT UP in the ultimate street racing subculture game for your handheld. The gangs, the cars, the girls ... it's adrenaline pumping 3D action all the way as you aim to become the street racing champion! Race over rooftops, perform spectacular jumps and smash through traffic in your pursuit of winning the ultimate performance supercar! From the creators of the award-winning Italian Job for Playstation.

Features of the game include:

  • Full Physics Engine with rigid body dynamics and accurate collision detection
  • Drive 9 different vehicles each with their own unique handling characteristics
  • Perform handbrake turns and lurid powerslides, complete with skidmarks, suspension, tyresmoke, brakelights, etc
  • Four hard hittin' music tracks on PocketPC by the acclaimed composer Bjorn Lynne

Over 32 races & challenges including:

  • Compete against other street racers to win their cars!
  • Keep up with your mentor as he follows daring routes
  • Complete Checkpoints against the clock
  • Build a ramp stunt then perform the jump yourself!
  • Smash through stacks of boxes before your opponent reaches them
  • Rescue your girlfriends from the gangsters
  • Find hidden cars throughout the city
  • Dodge cars being hurled from the rooftops by rival gangs
  • Pickup your gang members & take them to your base

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Street Duel: Underground Racing


Street Duel: Underground Racing 1.07

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